Yahoo View – A Free Hulu Alternate Available

Yahoo View is known to be an official video channel of the Yahoo Network. It is a video on demand channel operated by Yahoo in partnership with HULU TV. Streaming movies the recent videos and episodes of the television series are mainly the works of Yahoo View. It streams the episodes of some the famous channels of U.S. that are ABC News, NBC News, and Fox News.

The users can relish the current five episodes of their favorite shows from the various networks like ABC, FOX, and NBC but only after eight days from the day of broadcasting of the original episode as the one used to do before from free Hulu account. It is estimated that in total there is going to be thousands of animes, Korean drama, TV shows, movies and British and Latino Content and clips. There will also be many behind the scene interviews broadcasted on the channel like Hulu.

The inception of Yahoo View

As we are concerned, Hulu is a modern way of Television. This is how Future television will look like. Pocket-friendly, top content, and hassle-free service. Hulu used to have free and paid plans for users. Hulu free account was perfect starting package for anyone looking to test their service.

As time passed on, Hulu made some bold moves and declared itself premium platforms. Hulu came with aggressive plans & pricing that are quite pocket-friendly as compared to cable TV. The recent live TV package with 60+ live tv Channels is a major leap on cable cutter scenario.

Hulu partnered with Yahoo to launch a new video-on-demand service. This service is known as Yahoo view. Many people aren’t aware of the fact that all the Hulu free content could be enjoyed in this platform.

Hulu Free Account | Watch Hulu Free Content

Now Yahoo! View has a wide variety of videos ranging from Sci-Fi to Drama, action, comedy and even anime. Along with these, it also broadcasts the News reports that one would like to hear when traveling. It can be said that now Yahoo! View has a lot to offer and the genres offered by it are also high in quality and intellect. Hence, now it is able to attract a large number of customers than it had done previously.

Screenshot of Yahoo View

Visit Yahoo View

Also, customers can download their app to watch movies and all the content available. Yahoo! View has become the only possible way to view the free content that is available on Hulu. According to TechCrunch, Yahoo! View will soon have a tie-up with Tumblr, which is extremely popular among the TV fans for sharing the content that is TV inspired.

Yahoo may be bought by Verizon for about $5 billion which indicates the fact that the Yahoo View is soon going to be a property of Verizon. Presently, Yahoo View attracts a lot of TV fans as it provides free services for watching the different episodes of a wide variety of shows online. The online viewers of Yahoo View are not only children but also elderly adults. It is not confined to any specific category.

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